This labor-intensive job covers all widths of Pioneer Log Siding, Window & Door Trim, House Corners and Beams on both sides and edges. Interior only requires one side and edges. During our process of hand hewing, distressing and sanding each board differently, we Age-Stain by hand as we go, down across sawhorses, one board at a time, ready to install when it reaches your site.

We never spray stain to avoid the artificial appearance it leaves. Age Staining is only the jump-start to begin the natural gray-aging process of your Pioneer Log Siding boards.

Unlike round logs, needing constant attention, Pioneer Log Siding needs no attention and looks even more authentic over the years. One day, if you do decide to stain again, please use a water based transparent stain of the same brand and tone so you do not cover up the aged pioneer look we’ve created. But then again, why would you want to stain again, its pioneer.

Pioneer Log Siding isn't Pioneer until we’ve completed our 2 step Age-Staining treatment.

Why do we do it this Way?

Well, the stain is super thin and we've sculptured countless splits, grooves and cracks into the siding. Now, should you decide to take on the challenge of staining, please do as we do and lay the boards flat across sawhorses. This will avoid countless drips and runs flowing down your beautiful, vertical cabin walls.

Pioneer Log Siding becomes more Authentic as it ages, just like the
old historic cabins of yesteryear.

Years from now, should you wish to apply a another thin coat, simply brush it on using the same brand and color of the transparent water-based stain we have used. To touch-up simply apply stain to the area then wipe with off with a damp cloth so color will match or blotch, it doesn’t matter. While round logs require constant upkeep, staining and repairs, Pioneer Log Siding needs none.

a chart showing the different stains colors available for your siding


Your work is absolutely amazing! Love this siding!

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