The First Cabin Home to Use Pioneer Log Siding.

This was our cabin-home in Breckenridge, Colorado that launched our fantastic idea for Pioneer Log Siding! However, we can still remember the stressful, grueling; on-going months it took to finish and mostly because, our "contractor" ran off with our funds before completing his job. So, we quickly learned, "Building your own Cabin 101," and finished it ourselves. I must say, working at 11,500 feet and trying to catch your breath with every step can be a bit daunting but, we did it! These are photos of our cabin home before we finished the Chinking and Landscaping.

Getting in a little rest time.


Catherine Todd said…
This must be one of those times that a devil is replaced by an angel, and transformation occurs! I have had a similar situation getting ripped off and having a most important project destroyed, but it ultimately led to me (being forced) to do something completely different, which took my life in a whole 'nother direction! I ended up spending the best five years of my life living in Paris, France, and it was a dream come true. How a bad thing could turn into such a good thing is beyond me. It's *almost* as if I should thank those devils that drove me to that other path, but I can't go quite that far.

But it does kind of confirm that notion about "clouds with silver lining" and I'm glad that the crooked contractor put you in the situation he did, as now we can all benefit from Pioneer Cabin Siding! I have never seen anything come close to something I would be willing to use, until I saw your website. Now, it's just a matter of saving up the funds. I can't wait to get started!

Gracias mi amigo for such fine products and such an interesting website. I have spent a number of most enjoyable hours reading through everything and it's a fine job you are doing. "Excellente."

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